Frequently Asked Questions

We're PetDelux

a brand all about "love, joy and care"

We're your go-to online store for all things pet supplies, making sure our furry baby live their best lives.

From dog treats to cat goodies, fish food, and a whole bunch of adorable pics, we've got it all covered!

We are committed to offering acomprehensive range of integrated services to meet your needs with the utmostquality. Here are the services we offer:

Digital Solution
In our dedication to your needs, we've curated online services for a seamless digital experience.

  1. Online Marketplace:
    Connect effortlessly on platforms like Amazon and Walmart for hassle-free transactions.
  2. Licensing Made Easy:
    Efficiently manage third-party licenses, ensuring compliance and smooth operations.
  3. Digital Hub for Info:
    Access business details easily through our user-friendly website, staying informed and connected.
  4. Boost Your Online Presence:
    Amplify your reach with our online advertising, content marketing, and SEO services.
  5. Easy Shopping, Direct Response:
    Explore and purchase pet products effortlessly with our direct response retail services, all online.

Offline Solution
In the physical realm, we blend tradition with efficiency to ensure a comprehensive approach to your success.

  1. Import-Export Agency Services:
    Navigate global trade effortlessly with end-to-end solutions covering tax filing, logistics, insurance, customs affairs, and more.
  2. Traditional Advertisement Strategies:
    Boost your brand visibility through our proficiency in impactful offline advertising methods.
  3. Administrative Processing of Purchase Orders:
    Experience seamless operations with our excellence in order management, transactions, logistics, and dedicated customer support.